IPEVO – Enhancing Experiences Over The Internet

Just when technology couldn’t get much easier, it suddenly does, thanks to some handy new devices from IPEVO – a company specialising in enhancing experiences over the internet.

Take the TR-10i for example, your new desktop pal. It’s the ultimate accomplice for anyone who uses Skype and iChat as much as we have been lately.

So what exactly does it do? It works as a desktop mic, a speakerphone and also as a handset for when you want to take a private call. With dedicated Skype buttons, you may never have to pay for a call again. Want to record a call to listen back to at a later date or to add to your podcast? This gadget has got you covered. It also weighs next to nothing so is pretty handy to take with you on business trips and of course it helps that it is a bit of a good looker.

Also from the IPEVO team come some new WiFi toys for the office, including the desktop Skype phone (no computer needed), and a wireless digital frame that actually looks nice (hurrah!) and streams images straight from your computer. Because fussing around with memory cards is not such a fun thing to do. Another sweet feature is the inbuilt search function which allows you to search and display images straight from flickr and content from RSS streams.

So get involved, get communicating, and give your friends a call on your nifty new gadgets. They’ll be well impressed. – Brendan McKnight.

Source Article from http://www.thecoolhunter.net/article/detail/1531/ipevo–enhancing-experiences-over-the-internet

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